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Pine Sol

March 30, 2010

Just home from helping judge this year’s AICE (Association of Independent Commercial Editors) competition. Lovely setting at Phoenix Editorial with some old and new friends. Warm pizza and cold beer. Comfy chair at the bar. All seemed well. We were asked to assign each spot a number from one to ten. So how come so many of them were no higher than five? I found myself enjoying the conceptual thinking and the filmmaking, but being disappointed once we got to the logo and the “brought to you by.” Is this adman of several decades standing finally becoming bored with advertising? Or worse, inured to it? Gosh, I hope not. One of the last spots shown revived my spirits, however. My old friend Diane Amos, the Pine Sol lady, is driving home at dusk on what looks like Highway 1 near Stinson Beach. She pulls her convertible into the driveway of a mansion and proceeds upstairs where she finds a rather buff gentleman scrubbing the floors with – yes, Pine Sol. The last shot is a high-down of Ms. Amos reclining majestically on the bed. Not the biggest idea in the world, perhaps, but a lovely performance and bit of storytelling. And that was enough. At least for tonight.

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