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Marduk Sayad

February 16, 2011

I lost a friend the other day. I’ve known Marduk for about 20 years, and we’ve enjoyed talking about our mutual interests, which include music and art, among others. And though we haven’t always agreed with each other, we kept it reasonably civil. But then came the Egyptian crisis, and he took one side and I, the other. Or so it seemed. I had no idea as to how he could side with what I termed a “corrupt, murderous dictator,” and he brought up regime change in Iraq. To mix a metaphor, things escalated downhill from there, until I finally tired of the back-and-forth, and called a halt. And in retrospect, I regret that, because said back-and-forth, said discussion, said exchange of views, heated though it may become at times, is central to the way of life we’re blessed to call our own in this country. So, Marduk, come on back. All may not be forgiven, but then I’m no man of the cloth, and neither are you. We’re just friends. Or should be.

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  1. April 25, 2011 1:15 pm

    I have completely dropped off Facebook. Mainly because I have so few friends (real friends) that staying in touch by email or Skype are valid means to continue a dialogue. I still consider you my “real friend”, and I know this World is at tipping point. I welcome you to email me and may be we could set up Skype visits. I recently found out I have NASH and some early liver issues which is astonishing to me because I have none of the risk factors. But, my Doctor, just the other day, assured me that “only 20% of People with NASH develop Cirrhosis.” How kind of him to be straight with me. I have an 80% chance of staying healthy. I am sorry that you are also having health concerns. I was pre-med at CAL in the College of Chemistry and I have ever since distrusted doctors. Be safe, be healthy, and know that preparing for the next life is what I am investing more time to than ever before with a little help from Saint Thomas Aquinas and Siddhārtha Gautama. duke

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